Mobile Storage Units vs Self-Storage Units – What to Choose?

Cannot decide on whether to choose adept mobile storage units in Sydney or not for your move? Well, you are not the only one getting confused with it. These days moving has become common. Nearly 40% of people change addresses every 5 years in Australia. And this is one of the very few reasons storage rentals have become popular across the country. But when it comes to choosing storage units, we get confused between mobile and traditional ones. Both are different, but also similar in some ways. So, what storage units should you choose? Well, let us discuss it further in the following article.

Mobile storage units or self-storage units?

Before we start comparing, let us tell you that both these storage rentals follow similar rules. This is to keep your items safe and secure when you are away. Although there are a lot of differences. And here are some of them:

1. Renting a traditional storage unit means you have to load your items yourself when you are ready. And once the rental period is over, you can take your belongings out of the unit and carry them to your new place.

But when renting a mobile storage pod, you do not have to commute anywhere. Skilled movers will come to your place to take out your belongings and load them into the storage container. And once the rental period is over, they will deliver your items to the doorstep of your new place.

2. To move your items to the self-storage pod, you will need to rent a moving truck or ask a friend to help you with their cars. This can include an extra cost besides the storage cost.

But when you rent a mobile storage facility, you do not have to think about renting a truck or car. They cover the charges for moving trucks in the total cost. Thus, they come with the truck when they visit your place to take out your items. So, they can deliver those to your new place.

3. Regardless of size, you need to pack and move all your items yourself when renting a self-storage pod. If you live upstairs, you need to hire professional movers to help you with the moving. Or else, you can also ask your friends or family for a helping hand. But without adequate experience, it will be quite tough to move all those heavy items. This can also land you in an emergency room.

But when you rent a mobile storage pod, you do not have to worry about it. Most portable storage units come with professional movers. They will help you to take out all your items, even the larger ones, using the latest moving tools and techniques. Besides, they will also help you dismantle large items to make moving and packing easy.

4. Storing items in a self-storage pod means you need to unload and reload them to move to another place.

But with mobile storage pods, you can move your items anywhere without unloading and reloading them.

What storage facilities will be the best to move across the country? Well, there are two options: self-storage units and mobile storage units in Sydney. Both of them are 24/7 secure. But if you want more convenience, choosing the mobile one will be better. And we hope this article will help you to understand that.

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